Cutting System


⁙ Cutter Heads

⁙ Two types of cutting beds
1. Conveyor Type

The conveyor type has rollers on the front and back of the equipment, and long belt (cutting mat) surrounds the rollers.

When the cutting machine moves forward/backward, the clamps installed under the gantry holds both edges of the belt and drags the belt.

As the belt rotates, the clamped material also rotates along with the belt, so the operator does not need to manually control the material. 

When handling roll material, a Roll-off unit is usually installed at the rear of the machine.

After a roll is mounted on Roll-off unit, the belt moves, and the material is automatically unwound and cut, which is widely used.

Of course, sheet materials cutting is also possible.

2. Table Type

Since it is a fixed table without the rotating belt, there are no rollers in the table type.

This type is mainly for customers who use sheet materials.

The size of the table can be customized according to the size desired by the customer.

* Built-in Panel Type  (X5 Only)

Control Panel is installed on the workstation by default.

However, if a workstation is not required, the operating panel is mounted on the frame of the cutter body.

* What does each part of the model number represent?
⁙ Tools

There are many different types of tools used in digital die cutters.

Depending on the characteristics of the material and cutting purpose, a single tool or a combination of tools may be used. Click the "SEE MORE" button to view detailed tool information.

⁙ Vacuum Zone Selection 

The cutter's work plate has many small holes that allow air to pass through, and the vacuum motor sucks in air through these holes to prevent the material from moving during cutting.

Because the internal structure of the work table consists of several rooms with partitions, the vacuum area can be adjusted depending on the size of the material.

For example, if Zone 1 in the illustration is large enough to cut the workpiece, customers can block the remaining Zones to increase efficiency.

The working area of cutter 1630 model is 1600 x 3000 mm. And this model basically consists of four(4) zones.

*Zone configuration varies depending on cutter size.

⁙ Non-contact Tool Calibration Sensor  

Non-contact tool calibration sensors allow any tool to automatically calibrate height offset.

⁙ Safety Light Curtain (Option) 

Safety devices that detect intrusion and presence of human body within specified areas to prevent injury and mechanical damage.

There is a transmitter sensor on one side of the yellow square column and a receiver on the other side to receive the signal from another column, and if it is detected that interferes with the sensing, the equipment is stopped immediately to ensure the safety of the user.

The number of column may vary depending on the equipment installation space.

If the equipment is installed in the corner of the room, safety can be secured with only three columns.

⁙ Cutting Samples

A variety of materials can be cut using tools suited to the properties of the material.

Turn your imagination into reality with DYSS Cutter.