X5  Digital Cutter

for prototyping, sample making and short/medium production runs


lntegrateion of print and cut solution from the Single firm.

Solution for quick response to the variety of cutting demands in the market.  It's DIGITAL CUTTING.

Experience a satisfying and superior digital cutting with DYSS!

For quick response to various needs, X5 is designed to meet not only the small quanity and variety cutting that SAMPLE MAKERS want, but also the mass cutting required in other fields.

Traditional Wide Format Cutter is limited in meeting these needs due to high cost and no applicable to small size.

Maximize Efficiency

Various combinations of versatile tools and blades with two tool heads maximize the efficiency of cutting.

Maximize Productivity

X5 digital cutter designed with compact size and computerized operating system ensures a installation in narrow space and productivity in cutting.

Flexibility and Performance

Turn your DYSS X5 into a full automatic cutting unit with a variety of automation options such as conveyor-mounted bed and sheet feeder.

When cutting samples with DYSS X5, combining a variety of tool selections with automatic or semi-automatic material feeding options improves performance. Certainly, with an X5, you have a genuine digital die cutting machine that can serve your short to medium print cutting runs.

Although smaller than the X7, the X5 is just as versatile as the X7, and it’s faster, and much cheaper.

    DYSS X5 Digital Cutters offer you all of the feature below and more.
  You can cut precisely at high speed materials up to 1.6 meters wide, including rolls of unlimited length.
✔   K-CUT software allows you to build a library of tool and speed combos to cut different materials as required. 
       Furthermore this accumulated data also increases the  efficiency and speed of cutting and helps operators test the new or unfamiliar materials using DYSS cutter.
✔   Standalone Control Console with tool rack, drawer and PC, or optional built-in Control Panel.
✔   Optical depth checker – fool proof tool measurement sensor to calibrate blade/tool lengths accurately and automatically.
✔   Optional K-CUT Vision System uses clever software and a digital camera to find registration marks and board edges on pre-printed media. 
       Hence, this vision system allows efficient and accurate cutting of print to register.
✔   In addition, using the optional conveyorised bed you have the ability to process jobs much longer than the machine. 
      You can combine the conveyor system with a rear extension table for sheet materials or a unit to handle roll media.
Two types of Heads

Only 2 sleeves for tangential cutting

Combined Work of Cutting and Creasing


T-Head + Built-in Pen Tool

Useful when marking is required 

during cutting work.

Two types of cutting beds

1. Conveyor Type

The conveyor type has rollers on the front and back of the equipment, and long belt (cutting mat) surrounds the rollers.

When the cutting machine moves forward/backward, the clamps installed under the gantry holds both edges of the belt and drags the belt.

As the belt rotates, the clamped material also rotates along with the belt, so the operator does not need to manually control the material. 

When handling roll material, a Roll-off unit is usually installed at the rear of the machine.

After a roll is mounted on Roll-off unit, the belt moves, and the material is automatically unwound and cut, which is widely used.

Of course, sheet materials cutting is also possible.

2. Table Type

Since it is a fixed table without the rotating belt, there are no rollers in the table type.

This type is mainly for customers who use sheet materials.

The size of the table can be customized according to the size desired by the customer.

* Built-in Panel Type 

Control Panel is installed on the workstation by default.

However, if a workstation is not required, the operating panel is mounted on the frame of the cutter body.

Technical Specification 
* Special specification is available upon request.