X7  Digital Cutter

with the robust body frame stable and suitable for the longer cutting jobs


Experience a satisfying and superior digital cutting with DYSS.

The X7 series are built on a welded frame of steel structure to increase durability, and various sizes of flat plates and conveyor types are available for selection. X7 series can be connected with an automatic material supply and discharge device, and the selection of a conveyor extension table will give you a productivity improvement.

After printing, it may be necessary to trim edges of print or cut pictures or symbols to a specific shape or size.

Bring your cutting and finishing in-house with the DYSS X7 digital die cutter. 

This large flatbed digital die cutter is a perfect match for your digital printer.

Built according to cutting-edge technology and strict standards, DYSS X7 digital die cutter delivers high quality, dependability and reliable performance.

A wide selection and combination of cutting tools allows customer to handle blade cut, V-cut, perforating (slash with interval for easy-cut) and even creasing, and allow customer to cut and process not only ordinary paper and board but also sign and display media as the way customer wants.

Fast, accurate and equipped with camera-guided cutting system, the DYSS X7 can automate customer's finishing operations, eliminate costly mistakes and reduce labor costs.

DYSS X7 bed sizes can handle 8'x'4 or 10'x5' boards, with additional options for width up to 3.2m.

Routing Rigid Materials

X7's router with high specification easily cut rigid materials such as acrylic, aluminum composite panels, and rigid PVC.

Two slots for a knife and creasing tool allow customer to handle more material.

Customer can kiss cut self-adhesive vinyl, and cut or score display boards, cardboard, magnetic foil, plastic corrugated sheets, corrugated/honeycomb/foam core boards, etc. With  a heavy duty blade, customer can knife-cut even rigid styrene and 5 mm thick PVC boards cleanly without burr or dust.

Why contract out your profile cutting when you can do it yourself on a DYSS X7.

DYSS X7 gives a customer the complete control of all aspects of customer’s jobs, therefore reducing turnaround times, costs and labor. Customer will soon wonder how customer ever lived without DYSS X7.

    X7 Digital Cutters – The right way to integrate quality and productivity
  Modular cutting table.
✔   You can cut precisely at high speed materials up to 3.2 metres wide, including rolls of unlimited length.
✔   Precision cutting of jobs longer than the table with the automatic roll feed and conveyor system.
✔   Continuous production is possible with the optional automatic feeder for stacked sheets or single sheet feeder combined with an automatic unloader in a busy                     working envirnment.
✔   Non-contact Tool Calibration Sensor enables all tools to calibrate height offset automatically.
✔   Option of an extension conveyor increases workflow by allowing the complex cut shapes to be removed while cutting continues.
✔  Distortion inevitably occurs in both printing and media in all jobs. K-Cut efficiently records these non-uniformed distortions and calculates new optimized cutting                paths to deliver accurate results time and time again. This reduces waste and improves quality.
✔  K-CUT software allows you to build a library of tool and speed combinations to cut different materials as required.
      Furthermore this accumulated data also increases the efficiency and speed of cutting and helps operators test the new or unfamiliar materials using DYSS cutter.
Three types of Heads   Triple / Super / Combo Head  
Triple Head 

3 Sleeves for Tangential Module

Three tools can be used without replacement.

Combo Head + Router

Router can be replaced with another

tool (URT or TDT).

Super Head 

2 Sleeves for Tangential Module

+ Router (Built-in)

Combo Head + URT

URT (Ultra Roller Tool / Ø150)

* H3 mounting moudle is required

Combo Head + TDT

TDT (Tape Dispenser Tool)

* H3 mounting moudle is required

* Combo head has its own 2 fixed sleeve tangential module like Super Head and 1 detachable (removable) sleeve (H3).
* The advantage of Combo Head is the Cross-placing of Router, URT and TDT in the removable sleeve (H3) possible 
* The router itself mounts on the H3, but URT and TDT require a separate and detachable H3 mounting module.
* Same heads are applicable to both X7 and X9.

Technical Specification  
* Special specification is available upon request.