X9  Digital Cutter

for the higher precision in cutting with Rack & Pinion Mechanism


Powerful Solution for Digital Finishing & Where Performance is Paramount

X9 Digital Cutters have been designed for applications where production speed is paramount. The X9 has the same functionality and tooling as the X7, but with an innovative motion control system. This system gives you enviable power and performance, while retaining control and accuracy even on the finest detail.

Impressive linear speeds and acceleration mean you’ll struggle to find a faster digital cutter capable of knife cutting and routing.

Typically, high speed machines use rack and pinion drive systems and therefore often fall down on detail like small radii.

Alternatively they use moving belt drives which will often handle detail better, but struggle with lateral and vertical power.

However the ground-breaking motion system on the X9 allows it to excel in both areas.

(RRP-Rack & Roller Pinion Mechanism)

Rack & Roller Pinion Mechanism achieves smooth rotational-to-linear motion transmission through rolling contact between the roller of the meshed pinion and the surface of the rack tooth.

And this mechanism eliminates backlash in the meshing area, also minimizes wear and tear  resulting in low maintenance costs as well as enhanced force and high precision in cutting.

Fast and Precise

With a DYSS X9 you can automate your finishing, eliminate mistakes, and reduce your labor costs thanks to its fast, accurate, camera guided routing and knife cutting.

DYSS X9 cutter is perfectly designed to run alongside most digital printers of various types, catering for most sheet and roll printing capabilities, with sizes available to handle 8’x’4 or 10’x5’ boards, and further options up to a massive 3.2m wide.

X9's router with high specification easily cut rigid materials such as acrylic, aluminum composite panels, and rigid PVC.

Two slots for a knife and creasing tool allow customer to handle more material.

Customer can kiss cut self-adhesive vinyl, and cut or score display boards, cardboard, magnetic foil, plastic corrugated sheets, corrugated/honeycomb/foam core boards, etc. With a heavy duty blade, customer can knife-cut even rigid styrene and 5 mm thick PVC boards cleanly without burr or dust.

TDT is a tape device tool that precisely moves double-sided tape onto customer media. This TDT makes the cut product ready for assembly.

Automation Options

For increased productivity, various automation features are available. With options from a simple unload area where the operator can strip cut parts safely while the machine continues the next job, to semi-automated sheet feeding.

When equipped with a completely automated feeder and unloader customer can process a full stack of sheets without operator intervention. An integrated tool calibration sensor accurately measures cutter protrusion making sure you are cutting to the correct depth every time. This helps avoid costly mistakes caused by cutting too deeply using an uncalibrated tool.

Three types of Heads   Triple / Super / Combo Head  
Triple Head 

3 Sleeves for Tangential Module

Three tools can be used without replacement.

Combo Head + Router

Router can be replaced with another

tool (URT or TDT).

Super Head 

2 Sleeves for Tangential Module

+ Router (Built-in)

Combo Head + URT

URT (Ultra Roller Tool / Ø150)

* H3 mounting moudle is required

Combo Head + TDT

TDT (Tape Dispenser Tool)

* H3 mounting moudle is required

* Combo head has its own 2 fixed sleeve tangential module like Super Head and 1 detachable (removable) sleeve (H3).
* The advantage of Combo Head is the Cross-placing of Router, URT and TDT in the removable sleeve (H3) possible 
* The router itself mounts on the H3, but URT and TDT require a separate and detachable H3 mounting module.
* Same heads are applicable to both X7 and X9.

Technical Specification 
* Special specification is available upon request.